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  • Frank 5. Avatar
    Frank 5.

    My Salesman Jim was great and very knowledgeable he answered all my questions I had during the sale process. I did not feel pressured into buying my new truck like... read more - 3/03/2020

    Steve S. Avatar
    Steve S.

    Good service and clean place to wait for your car. - 2/15/2020

    Julie D. Avatar
    Julie D.

    All staff was polite.
    Doug was absolutely amazing!!
    - 3/07/2020

    sharky c. Avatar
    sharky c.

    First Mick was an amazing help in my car purchase. Very helpful and listened and had a great personality and kept tabs with me every step of the way which... read more - 5/21/2020

  • Paul D. Avatar
    Paul D.

    positive review  I had a very pleasant purchasing experience at Kia of Boardman the salesman was very helpful and the transaction was seamless - 9/05/2019

    Sally M. Avatar
    Sally M.

    Staff and service is great. Good reminders and on time service. Not to mention a wonderful waiting cafe for customers - 3/14/2020

    Anthony L. Avatar
    Anthony L.

    positive review  My experience was amazing there . Terry was an excellent sales person. I would recommend him to anyone . He was helpful and helped me get the best deal I... read more - 10/05/2019

    Phyllis W. Avatar
    Phyllis W.

    positive review  It’s so easy to make appointment. Go there , have a cup of coffee and what ever they Ofer. He explained what they did and if I needed other products... read more - 9/04/2019

  • Lauren F. Avatar
    Lauren F.

    positive review  Terry is the man! This is my second Optima I’ve leased from him and he truly works to get you exactly what you want at a great deal. I now... read more - 2/29/2020

    Crystal .. Avatar
    Crystal ..

    Very great experience. Salesman, Ryan was wonderful. He was so great my husband just bought a vehicle from him as well. Amazing service. It did take forever but we’ll worth... read more - 2/25/2020

    John R. Avatar
    John R.

    positive review  If you want a New or Pre Owned car truck or Suv Go see Ray Miller. only guy i would go see to help me find a car. i send... read more - 9/30/2019

    Shanay A. Avatar
    Shanay A.

    positive review  Ray at Kia is the best! He was willing to help me stay within my budget and get me the best possible deal. I love my new car! Thanks Ray! - 12/16/2019

  • Patricia J. Avatar
    Patricia J.

    positive review  They are friendly, attentive and service has been really good - 12/30/2019

    Andrew C. Avatar
    Andrew C.

    positive review  if you're looking to get a car I recommend seeing Ray miller, dude is awesome was very respectful and helpful with getting me a car not just any car but... read more - 9/30/2019

    Sonya M. Avatar
    Sonya M.

    matt taylor kia. has excellent customer service & great deals on vehicles..and Brandom Sims is an awesome sales guy .very pleasant experience . had a Great day visiting there &... read more - 3/20/2020

    Matt C. Avatar
    Matt C.

    Great dealership....very clean. People were great to work with. Anthony went above and beyond to find a car to make a deal work. - 2/19/2020

  • Carl L. Avatar
    Carl L.

    very nice people extremely help full can't say enough - 4/07/2020

    Tina B. Avatar
    Tina B.

    positive review  Great dealership. I recommend everyone go see Tyler for their next car! - 10/31/2019

    Matt C. Avatar
    Matt C.

    Bill was a great help with everything. The whole process was so smooth compared to what I’ve always heard about how buying a car can be. He was very helpful.... read more - 5/21/2020

    Anna N. Avatar
    Anna N.

    Great experience from start to finish purchasing from Taylor including the trade in!! - 1/01/2020

  • Nickie B. Avatar
    Nickie B.

    Dan was fantastic! He was upfront and honest with me from the start. He wasn’t pushy like most dealers are. He listened to my needs, wants and concerns... read more - 4/17/2020

    te'a e. Avatar
    te'a e.

    I love my new car! It’s something I worked hard to be able to get. Bart was excellent in helping me choose something comfortable for me. Heck of a guy!... read more - 2/27/2020

    Emma R. Avatar
    Emma R.

    positive review  Awesome sales team! go see them today! - 7/31/2019

    Mario M. Avatar
    Mario M.

    James Chismark sold me a used Honda at this dealership, and it was all in all a great experience. No high pressure sales, no pushiness what so ever. Great place,... read more - 5/20/2020

  • Heather F. Avatar
    Heather F.

    positive review  the service dept is amazing. they squeezed me in this morning to fix my head light. got my oil changed and door lock fixed. im always satisfied when I leave... read more - 12/11/2019

    Jennifer B. Avatar
    Jennifer B.

    positive review  Just got my new Kia today from sales rep. Bill Burns and was fantastic! Quick, easy, professional and pleasant! Go and ask for Bill for your next ride! - 3/07/2020

    trudi b. Avatar
    trudi b.

    My experience with Matt Taylor Kia was exceptional! My lease was about to end And I was uncertain whether to keep it or lease a new vehicle. Ivy was my... read more - 2/05/2020

    Aina E. Avatar
    Aina E.

    positive review  Took care of my car in a good time frame - 1/20/2020

  • Mary D. Avatar
    Mary D.

    positive review  The service department is wonderful. They are always kind and welcoming. I have had many new cars in the past and I can confidently say they have the... read more - 11/30/2019

    Nate S. Avatar
    Nate S.

    positive review  Bill was very helpful making sure I was taken care of while buying my new car. - 9/14/2019

    Rayanne R. Avatar
    Rayanne R.

    positive review  thank you so much Terry Tringhese, Very quick with everything and very understanding, He actually worked with getting me a great car within my price range. Thank you Terry for... read more - 10/11/2019

    Starla L. Avatar
    Starla L.

    positive review  Got my car off of Luís 2 weeks ago, he's an amazing professional person to work with who understands your situation. if you need a vehicle go to him 🙂 - 10/31/2019

  • Dan W. Avatar
    Dan W.

    I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with a car buying experience than the one I just experienced at Taylor Kia of Boardman! I called 10 minutes before closing expecting... read more - 1/25/2020

    Steven J. Avatar
    Steven J.

    Matt Taylor Kia Is a second home to me! Great Environment, & great team! - 4/04/2020

    Akii B. Avatar
    Akii B.

    I had been looking for a car for awhile, and I finally decided to head to Kia Taylor of Boardman, though it was a bit of a struggle to get... read more - 3/12/2020

    Sue M. Avatar
    Sue M.

    I can't thank Terry Tringhese and the staff of Taylor Kia enough. I've always been a GM car owner and was thinking of making the switch. Terry went above and... read more - 5/19/2020

  • Lance D. Avatar
    Lance D.

    My mother is 78 and in great health. Today she owns her 1st brand new car! She cried, literally. They are friendly here and not pushy at all. The salesman... read more - 7/24/2018

    Karolyne L. Avatar
    Karolyne L.

    positive review  Terry answered all my questions when I asked, was very knowledgeable and helpful. - 12/31/2019

    Ullom J. Avatar
    Ullom J.

    Their service department is amazing! I find them to be the best in the area! - 2/15/2020

    David H. Avatar
    David H.

    We use Matt Taylor Lancaster for all of our Kia service, and they always exceed our expectations. Todd is outstanding, and the sales staff professional, courteous and respectful. They actually... read more - 4/11/2020

  • MARY V. Avatar
    MARY V.

    Bob Elliot was excellent with our family. He has a good sense of humor and was patient with us as we made our decisions. I would recommend their customer service... read more - 2/23/2020

    Doretha G. Avatar
    Doretha G.

    positive review  I'm so happy with all the help Bill Burns provided!! He saved me so much money! - 9/27/2019

    Ben R. Avatar
    Ben R.

    Brandon and Aaron are awesome. Great dealership with FREE drinks and I've not bought anything yet. I highly recommend them. - 11/23/2019

    Ryan h. Avatar
    Ryan h.

    I found a great deal online on Thursday morning, inquired about it, looked at the truck and test drove it that evening. After having it detailed and signed the papers,... read more - 11/15/2019

  • David J. Avatar
    David J.

    No pressure, stress-free truck buying experience at Taylor! Adam Scott was very knowledgeable about the different Tacoma models and recommended the perfect truck for me. And Oak set me up... read more - 1/25/2020

    Marc C. Avatar
    Marc C.

    positive review  After a lot of research we decided on a 2020 Kia Soul. We started talking with Daine and with our financing situations had to go back a month later and... read more - 9/24/2019

    Pam w. Avatar
    Pam w.

    Adam Scott was a great help with the whole process of getting my new truck very pleased with him and Taylor. All the employees very nice and pleasant . I... read more - 12/11/2019

    Jane S. Avatar
    Jane S.

    wonderful experience in 27 when we go our Sorento lived it! Just upgraded to 2020 Telluride absolutely in love! love Matt Taylor Kia! thank you Brandon! best... read more - 1/26/2020

  • Dorothy W. Avatar
    Dorothy W.

    Very polite answered any questions i had. I had to drop my car off to be checked out. They got it done quickly within an hour and a half to... read more - 3/10/2020

    Dalton M. Avatar
    Dalton M.

    positive review  Derek gaimey was my salesman. Great salesman sold me a 2020 Kia Forte - 10/29/2019

    Dave K. Avatar
    Dave K.

    Service is excellent. Staff is very polite and helpful. - 1/19/2020

    Lisa B. Avatar
    Lisa B.

    i love this place i highly recommend them to anyone very polite and professional and freindly and patient i bought a kia soul from there from chance... read more - 5/02/2020

  • Danny P. Avatar
    Danny P.

    Would like to thank everyone at Taylor Toyota for the easiest, most comfortable experience in an automotive purchase.
    There wasn't any pressure to...
    read more
    - 5/01/2020

    Victoria M. Avatar
    Victoria M.

    Ryan smith was amazing he did every he could to get me into a brand new Kia. He went above and beyond. He did everything he could to get me... read more - 2/26/2020

    Teresa C. Avatar
    Teresa C.

    I recently had an amazing experience at Matt Taylor Kia in Lancaster, Ohio. Their service manager Todd always provides exceptional customer service. So much so, that when it was time... read more - 12/09/2018

    Brandie L. Avatar
    Brandie L.

    positive review  Thank you to @TerryTringhese for working some magic and getting me into a 2020 Sportage! I love it! - 3/05/2020

  • Ryan B. Avatar
    Ryan B.

    positive review  I recently purchase a new kia forte s from this dealership and had a great time. I went for a number of test drives, found a model I liked and... read more - 8/29/2019

    Nancy P. Avatar
    Nancy P.

    positive review  everyone is friendly and helpful. Time efficient on service. Relaxing waiting area - 9/17/2019

    Julie M. Avatar
    Julie M.

    positive review  Love my Kia Soul!!!!!! And highly recommend Terry!!! So much fun and super easy process. Loved my last 3 cars from here and looking forward to many more!!!!!! Thanks... read more - 10/04/2019

    Jessica H. Avatar
    Jessica H.

    positive review  I’ve had such a great experience at Taylor Kia, everyone is very helpful and friendly. I felt very comfortable, and not overwhelmed. I highly recommend seeing Tyler for your... read more - 10/31/2019

  • Aaron V. Avatar
    Aaron V.

    positive review  Ray Miller was great! Everyone there was pleasant and polite. Hands down, best experience I’ve had in vehicle purchases ever. Great work Kia of Boardman! I’ll refer everyone I know... read more - 1/31/2020

    John R. Avatar
    John R.

    Just got this car from them, it's a 2016 Toyota Corolla, traded my '02 Chrysler Sebring in for that car! It's going to be a little more then what I... read more - 3/23/2019

    Drake y. Avatar
    Drake y.

    After being rudely treated for hours at a competitor dealer we happen to stop by Kia just browsing around for a newer vehicle. Our sales rep Ridge was very proper... read more - 12/30/2019

    Dave K. Avatar
    Dave K.

    positive review  Aaron was very helpful to get my payments to where I want them. I will be getting cars from Boardman Kia in the future. - 12/27/2019

  • David H. Avatar
    David H.

    positive review  I have purchased my last 2 cars from TKoB and both experiences have been outstanding! Friendly and professional sales staff! - 2/28/2019

    Farra S. Avatar
    Farra S.

    Matt Taylor, his sales manager and all of his staff were amazing! I’m so glad I decided to lease my car from his dealership. They were patient, not pushy and... read more - 2/28/2020

    Jennifer K. Avatar
    Jennifer K.

    My experience was great! I definitely would recommend anyone looking for a car to go and see Ridge.. he was my salesman and was very helpful and made me feel... read more - 2/18/2020

    Cheryl R. Avatar
    Cheryl R.

    came and picked up the car, fixed it, and then returned it. very good service to have now and in the future. have always been very dependable - 4/14/2020

  • Jerry A. Avatar
    Jerry A.

    The amount of help you receive is enormous. Came wright out asked what I needed. Never pushed or stopped no matter I asked about. Very very awesome I will... read more - 2/04/2020

    Kelly L. Avatar
    Kelly L.

    positive review  Ray Miller is an exceptional salesman, he went above and beyond to try and help me find a car within my budget and did everything he could to help me... read more - 9/30/2019

    Misti R. Avatar
    Misti R.

    Great customer service and a great deal all thanks to Aaron Bush. I recommend seeing him for all your car needs. - 3/11/2020

    Amy L. Avatar
    Amy L.

    positive review  I have bought two cars from Taylor Kia and Terry was my salesman both times. He is fair, honest and professional. I love my Kia and Terry goes above and... read more - 2/20/2020

  • Beth C. Avatar
    Beth C.

    positive review  Service is fabulous, sales department is friendly, helpful and not pushy - 9/10/2019

    Tammy B. Avatar
    Tammy B.

    They're friendly but take forever. Do love that they have a private room with a television and toys for children. My son loves coming here to play. - 1/18/2018

    Marla O. Avatar
    Marla O.

    This place is GREAT!! After quite a few bad experiences at other dealerships, we weren't prepared for the kindness and professionalism we got here. Mick is a great personable salesman... read more - 12/14/2019

    Brittanie T. Avatar
    Brittanie T.

    positive review  I worked with Terry to get a new Kia Sportage at the end of Dec. When he realized they didn’t have the car in the color and package I wanted,... read more - 1/25/2020

  • Cathy H. Avatar
    Cathy H.

    Great salesman we had , very kind , polite ,and professional ! Was very helpful in answering all are questions and craziness . Will recommend him and Taylor Toyota ... read more - 3/11/2020

    Candice A. Avatar
    Candice A.

    positive review  I recently purchased a car from Terry T. Not only was he extremely helpful and answered all of my many questions. Not to mention the process was so... read more - 12/31/2019

    Keith L. Avatar
    Keith L.

    I have had nothing but the best interactions at Matt Taylor Kia. Especially with Todd in service! I can’t understand why anyone would still use those quick rip-off oil change... read more - 1/03/2020

    Jeannie G. Avatar
    Jeannie G.

    positive review  Customer waiting room is very nice employees are very nice - 8/16/2018

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